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Building Project Roadmap

Myth vs Reality,

What Do Architects Actually Do? An architects' role is a lot larger than most people realize. When an architect manages your project, they ensure that each step of the process below(and more) is handled to safeguard that the biggest investment in your life. .



Provides design drawings and details that a contractor/builder uses to construct.

Checking the title and, in particular, any easements and land convents that may restrict what or where you can build.

Ensuring Compliance with building and safety regulations, local planning regulations and restrictions. Depending on the project, there may be laws surrounding the preservation of the local environment or any historic parts of a building.

Leadership - heading up the team of professionals who will work on this stage of the project including builders, tradespeople, engineers, designers and financial professionals.

Construction documentation - translates the design into instructions and technical specifications for contractors and construction experts. Ensures those specifications are met.

Project management - site visits and meetings, overseeing the construction and validating quality of work, negotiating with contractors and dealing with and resolving any problems that arise.

In summary, the architect is the conductor of the project orchestra.

Readiness Slider

Do You Need An Architect? This exercise allows you to assess how ready you are to move to the Design Phase. If you are not close to 10 on ALL scales, then it's best to seek help from an expert to do this research. If you rush into the design phase without this information available, you'll run the risk of making too many assumptions, which is the # 1 reason projects go over budget and over time. " Measure twice, cut once,” Builders Mantra

On a 1-10 scale, how clear are you on exactly what you need?

How aware are you of all the various options your site will accommodate?

How confident are you that you are aware of all the legal requirements?

How aware are you of the process you will need to have in place to get the project completed on time and on budget?

How confident are you that you that your budget will achieve your needs?

Questions to ask

Do you have a team game plan that outline show we will all successfully work together, even under pressure?


What are the specific challenges for our type
of project and how have you overcome these
in the past?

Will you run the tender process to find and
select the best construction team?

If my budget, timeline and scope of project
are unrealistic, will you let me know?

What educational material do you provide so we
can understand the requirements of our specific
type of project?

What unique value do you have for our
specific type of project?

How would you like me to share my ideas,
images, needs, wants and research?

How can you add value to our project so that
we maximize the return on investment
when/if we sell?

What can I do to help you deliver the best work
for us?

Do you offer a pre-design analysis service to
help move us safely and efficiently towards
the design phase?

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