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Pilkhan - an Installation


Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Date of Start

September 2019

Date of Completion

October 2019



SPA, Alliance Francaise & the PiLKHAN....... has been coming together of many memorable events of our journey. We join our alma-mater   School of Planning and Architecture in celebrating its Platinum Jubilee. SPA remains an institution par-excellence representing the diverse ethos of our country and sub-continent.

Alliance Francise de Delhi was the first major competition won by ABRD in association with French Architect, Stephane Paumier. The building was designed around two existing trees.....Mango tree in the cafe court and a Pilkhan tree in the Auditorium courtyard.


Thus we memory of the PiLKHAN tree. Our installation at the location of the PILKHAN recreates the abstract notion of transparency, opacity & spatial opportunities. Beyond this memory, it is an ode to the tradition of festivals in India, be it the pandals for Durga puja, the Tazia for Muharram or the Ravana for Dusshera. Materials like bamboo, cloth & lighting create a temporal and ephemeral event space. Our installation celebrates this culture.

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