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Fire & Security Expo

BIG3 Seminars

Rajesh Dongre 

Mar, 2020

Talk on Consideration of Fire and Life Safety Systems and Design in Educational Occupancy.


Midnight to Boom

Urban Walk

Anupam bansal

Dec, 2019

Walk & talk on evolution of Post-Independence architecture in Delhi for the Twentieth Century Society, London


Science in Corridors

iDAC Intelligence Delhi Series

Rajesh Dongre &Tuhin Chaudhary 

Aug, 2019

Showcase of Architectural & Engineering aspects of NCBS Bangalore project to demonstrate  innovation & integration of structure & services for evolution of a new laboratory design. 


When a Skateboard

Transforms a Village

Office Talk

Ulrike Reinhard

Oct, 2018

A Journey of an entire village on the path towards progress using what essentially is a piece of wood fixed to a set of wheels


Future of Design

Transcendence 2020

Anupam Bansal

Jan, 2020

Panel Discussion on the Future of Design Communications organised by Trezi - VR


Future is the past

TO. Design

Anupam Bansal & Rajesh Dongre 

Dec, 2019

Discussion on role of water in creating sustainable development. Learning’s from the past and insights in the current trends.


Bioenergetic Architecture

Office Talk

Raman Vig

July, 2019

Talk on the amalgamation of science and spirituality to design human habitats to create spaces of good health, happiness and harmony.


Science in Corridors

iDAC Intelligence India Series

Anupam Bansal

Jan, 2020

Talk on Consideration of Fire and Life Safety Systems and Design in Educational Occupancy.


Trends in Lab Designs


Anupam Bansal

Oct, 2019

Appraisal of current and emerging trends in Laboratory Design - An Indian Perspective at DELABCON 2019


Exploring Serenity of Steinabad

IUDI walk

Rajesh Dongre & K.T. Ravindran 

Dec, 2018

A walk & talk around the Lodhi Institutional Area exploring the architecture and precinct that combines the richness of heritage with modernity which has evolved as an oasis underlying the city.

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